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Assist in preventing user errors with input validation rules defined in update-able software.
Track livestock metrics, organized to help you make improved decisions. Use pedigree and progeny charts to analyze your best performers.
Report mandatory traceability events to national and local jurisdictions with the click of the mouse.
We are always available to assist you in implementing high-performance strategies used by the best breeders and commercial producers world-wide.

FarmSoftIQ Livestock Management Software

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We offer the first farm management system for livestock that specializes in cervids, fully compliant with the new global traceability initiatives. With generational tracking, advanced weight gain analysis and various scoring methods, the software assists in measuring the performance of your animals. Simple and intuitive to operate, producers will be able to extract knowledge from their records thus constantly improving their herd year after year.

  • Customized Software

    Our software has been designed over the years to cater to industry leaders. Many of our processes have been molded by our own customers.
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  • Historical Data

    Keeping track of large amounts of data has always been a challenge for most producers. We do all the hard and lengthy work for you.
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  • Personalized Reports

    Many producers like to see their information in different ways. We offer personalized report creation for use within our software.
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  • Support And Training

    You are not alone! We understand very well how important it is to have knowledgeable support staff to assist you in using technology.
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Our Skills

We bring many skills which assist us in providing our clients the best service and support:

  • Industry Experience
  • Global Networking
  • Information Systems
  • Computer Technology
  • Client Support

Customer Advantages

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    By using our software products, producers can lower costs by accessing their information in a way that helps them see the big picture and make improved decisions.

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    Working with our clients closely, we improve the processes and functionality of our products. This helps you improve productivity and maximize success in the industry.

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    We have a passion for finding new ways to improve operational performance. Our dedication drives us to complete our tasks and make sure that we deliver quality information and products.